Wound care treatment around Janesville, WI

Did you know that Medicare may cover home health care?

Home health & wound care around Janesville, WI

and surrounding southern WI counties

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Pre-discharge assessment

Insurance coverage verification

Investigation of alternative financial arrangements for therapy 

Evaluation of therapy & equipments needs

PICC (Peripherally inserted central catheter) line dressing
Change/monitoring enteral pumps, IV push

Lab monitoring

Infectious disease treatment

Oncology treatment

Transplant care

Blood disorder treatment

Total parenteral nutrition (TPN)

Antibiotic/antifungal/antiviral therapy

Hydration management, electrolyte replacement

Anti-emetic therapy

Magnesium infusions

Respiratory unit-dose medications

Nutritional support

How it works

Once you have a doctor’s order, we schedule an in-home appointment with you to discuss your needs and design a care plan just for you. Then our licensed nurses, home health aides and in-home physical therapists come to your home on a scheduled basis to meet your health care needs and address any concerns you have.

Our staff regularly communicate with your doctor about your care and your progress so changes can be made as needed.

Remember that it’s important for our home health staff to visit you as often as the doctor ordered. 


Wound care treatment

Occupational rehab therapy
Physical rehab therapy

Medication management
Blood pressure checks
Diabetes pain management

Other pain management
IV therapy

Catheter and ostomy care
Lab draws
Nutritional assistance
Home safety assistance

Patient and caregiver education

Health status monitoring


Serving these southern Wisconsin counties

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