Frequently asked questions

 Q:  What is the difference between Transitions At Home and other companies?

A:  Transitions At Home offers a full range of services from non-medical home care to home health services.  We also have several levels of placement care available as well.  Our organization can help in every phase of your loved ones' life.  

Q:  What is the difference between home health care and non-medical home care?

A:  Home health traditionally requires an order from your physician to be covered by your insurance and services are short-term.  Non-medical care is designed to keep you in your home while providing support services.  Non-medical home care does not need an order from your physician and is not covered by your health insurance.

Q:  On a local level, what makes Transitions At Home different?

A:  Transitions is locally managed and is not a national chain.  Our staff live and work in the communities we serve.  We have a vested interest in the residents of our communities and you will frequently see us performing volunteer services, participating in local activities, etc.  

Q:  Who uses our services?

A:  Anyone who needs a little extra help. From short-term assistance after a hospitalization or discharge from a rehab facility, to long-term care in an effort to stay in their own home. 

Q:  I worked in a group home. Do your clients have behaviors?

A:  We only provide services in private  homes.  Our clients are generally very happy and grateful for the assistance and companionship our staff provides.

Q:  Why should I engage the help of a home care organization? 

A:  Caregivers can provide your loved ones with a variety of assistance, enabling them to remain in their home as long as possible.  Our services are less expensive than most assisted living facilities and our care is one-on-one.  We pride ourselves on strong relationships between our caregivers and the clients in their care.  Your loved one will receive personalized care based on their individual needs., as well as companionship.  

Q:  What can your caregivers do for my family? 

A:  First, we provide peace of mind.  Your family member will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect.   Our services include:  bathing and dressing assistance, grooming assistance (oral cares, hair, shaving, etc), meal prep, light housekeeping, medication reminders, transportation to/from appointments, grocery shopping, companionship, etc.  


Q:  What tasks won't your caregivers perform? 

A:  Because we are non-medical, our staff are not able to physically administer medications or insulin.  Our home health division is available to help with that and other more advanced services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc.  Visit our home health care page to learn more.

Q:  Will my health insurance pay for your services? 

A:   Unfortunately not.  There is a movement to have insurance companies begin to pay for this, but it has not happened yet. 


Q:  What is your minimum number of hours? 

A:  Our regular rates are based on a two-hour minimum.  If you need less than two hours, it is billed at a premium rate. 


Q:  What if I need to change the schedule we originally set up? 

A:  We offer flexible scheduling for both our clients and caregivers.  Give our office a call - we will do whatever we can to make sure you are satisfied. 


Q:  Do I need to have a doctor's order to have you start? 

A:  No, you don't. Referrals can come from clients, families, doctors, hospice, rehab, churches, friends, etc. 


Q:  Do you charge for an assessment to get me started? 

A:  Assessment fees are waived if you begin services within thirty days.  If you begin services after thirty days, another assessment may need to be completed.  Assessment fees are applied toward your first invoice as a credit provided they are paid by the time you receive your first statement for services.  


Q:  Do you provide pet care? 

A:  Unfortunately we do not for liability reasons. 


Q:  How do I pay for your services? 

A:  Checks or money orders are accepted.  We hope to have ACH services soon. 


Q:  What if I don't need your services forever, or it's just not working out.  Can I cancel? 

A:  Yes.  We just ask for one week's notice to cancel services. 


Q:  Can I cancel a scheduled visit? 

A:  Yes.  We ask for 24-hour notice to cancel, however, if there is a medical emergency, we will take it on a case-by-case basis. 


Q:  What if I forget to cancel a visit? 

A:  If the caregiver shows up, or is already on their way, you will be billed for their visit or a maximum of four hours for visits that were scheduled for four hours or more.   


Q:  Is there someone to talk to after-hours? 

A:  Yes, we have an answering service available and our staff is available for emergencies 24/7.  Non-emergency issues will be addressed the next business day. 


Q:  My parents need help. Do you charge per person or per hour, or just per hour regardless if it's a couple?

A:  Each situation is different.  However, we would never charge an hourly fee per person if they are in the same household unless they are scheduled as two separate visits.  For example:  Mom needs a shower and breakfast in the morning, but dad receives services in the evening.  In that case it would be two separate visits and billed as such. 


Q:  What is required to become a Transitions At Home caregiver? 

A:   Our caregivers must be able to pass a nationwide criminal background check, have at least one year of verifiable experience, have credible work references and must be able to legally work in the US. 


Q:  What language will your caregivers speak? 

A:  All of our caregivers speak English. 


Q:  What is included in your fee? 

A:  Our fee includes all local, state and federal taxes, workers comp, unemployment taxes and liability insurance.