Nursing opportunities

Nurses are in demand. And that's why we ofter excellent benefits, competitive salaries, a supportive management team, an employee wellness program and so much more. The rewards of caring for those at home is even better when you work for a great company.  We often have openings for RNs, LPNs and home health aides.

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Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN):

Licensed nurse practitioners (LPNs) provide basic medical and nursing care such as checking blood pressure and inserting catheters, ensure comfort of patients, help with daily functions, discuss health care with patients, and report status of patients to registered nurses and doctors. You must complete an accredited practical nursing program which takes about one year to complete. After completing the course from a state-approved program, you'll receive a certification in practical nursing. You must then become licensed to work as an LPN.  Find out more about becoming an LPN.


Registered Nurses (RN):

A registered nurse (RN) administers medication and treatment to patients, coordinates patient care plans, performs diagnostic tests and analyzes results, instructs patients on how to manage illnesses, and oversees other workers such as LPNs, CNAs, and home care aides. One of the following three degrees/diplomas is required and the time to complete is 2-4 years, based on which you choose: A bachelor's of science in nursing (BSN), an associate's degree in nursing (ADN), or a diploma from an approved nursing program. All registered nurses require a license acquired by completing an accredited nursing program and passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN).  Find out more about becoming an RN.

Did you know we provide tuition reimbursement for employees? You can become an LPN or RN while working for us.

Home Health Aides:

Are you looking for a new challenge or ready for an exciting career change? If you are caring, enjoy helping others, are respectful of others, and are fulfilled by improving the lives of others, becoming a home health aide (HHA) may be for you.


It's also a great way to start a nursing career. Home health aides help patients with limited health care needs as well as personal needs within the patient's home. Short training programs make this a fast way to start a career in health care. Once you've completed all course requirements you are then tested and can become certified.  

Find out more about becoming a Home Health Aide.